A Word about Fake Custom Diplomas

A fake custom diploma is designed to try to trick employers or others into thinking it is real. It is often made to look like the real thing. While people do have the bad intentions to use it illegally, others see it as art to be collected. There are some things that should and should not be done with a fake custom diploma.

There are some that look authentic and ones that are just plain humorous. The almost real ones have the potential to cause the most trouble. The authentic looking ones actually look like a real diploma. They mimic the same print, layout and sometimes even have a seal. Some companies offer a fake degree transcript to accompany the fake degree. Copyright laws prevent the use of the actual seal, but some designers create their own seals that are confusingly similar to the real thing. A person would only know that it isn't real if they had seen a real diploma from the same college. This is why these diplomas have the potential to be used illegally.

Some people try to pass them of as the real ones. This is illegal and wrong. People who have a real diploma worked hard to earn it. It is offensive for some one to buy a fake and pass it off as real. Besides being illegal to use them in this way, it is also almost impossible to get away with it. It is easy for a potential employer or college to verify the authenticity of a diploma. One call or E-mail and the imposter is caught.

A fake degree as a novelty can be fun and humorous. A "Master of Dinosaurs" degree with a picture of a Tyrannosaurus Rex on it is funny. A Master's or Doctor's degree in partying or "Wine Women & Song" is funny. Submitting fake educational degrees in support of a professional licence application or to meet continuing education requirements for a licence is criminal and irresponsible. I have had a foreign student contact me and ask me to make a degree for him because he was sent here 4 years earlier to get an education. Instead of attending school, he partied for 4 years and now needs a piece of paper to fool his family when he returns. I can't tell you how many people have wanted to give me a photo copy of a degree and make a copy of it with their name on it. I have also been asked to fake birth certificates. As a responsible desktop publisher, I report all such requests.

In this post-9/11 environment, checking credentials is more common. It is easier to get caught and consequences can be more serious. The request to fake ten birth certificates brought no response from the FBI before 9/11. They said to notify the issuing state. Now Homeland Security would have gotten involved.

In the hands of the wrong person, a fake custom diploma can cause real harm. A humorous fake diploma can be a great enjoyment. The idea is not to use them to trick someone, where the truth will never be told. It may be fun tricking a friend, but tricking a potential employer is illegal.


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