Small Portable Printers with Wireless Hand Held Invoice Generating PDA Devices

I sold these to a customer who after a few years retired and wishes to sell them. I can supply the roll paper at a good discount or cut sheet paper. The PocketJet 200 is discontinued. The following is from that customer.

I have 4 Pairs of nice small Portable Printers with wireless Hand Held Invoice generating PDA devices.

Printers (4):
Pentax Pocket Jet 200 Infrared Wireless transmission printers about 2-1/2" x 10" x 3/4" thick (like a 10" long deck of cards size), that use continuous roll thermal paper which needs no ink! 2 Printers are brand new never used and 2 are just like new in perfect condition. All include 12 Volt cigarette lighter plugs for vehicle portability, and also included are 120 Volt plug in adapters. The 2 Printers that were used are mounted nicely in briefcases and are a very good system that doesn't cost a fortune.

Handhelds (4):
Palm OS PDA with Infrared and Invoice Software installed. Wireless beam capabilty to printer and serial port Sync with Desktop computer for upload of Invoices and Address Book changes. Invoice Software has editable Catalog for generating new Invoices or making changes on existing orders. Software may require repurchase of software license for about $100.00 each for transfer.

These are very well matched pairs and work great together, and they are perfect for a small to medium sized business for deliveries etc., for Invoicing customers on the spot or pre-sell. I have had very good experience with these units, and they are perfect for a small to mid size company who doesn't want to spend $5,000+ for typical commercial units. I sold my business, and the new owners had existing systems.

I would like to sell all 4 matched pairs together as a complete set for $1,500.00 for all 4 sets! May consider selling 2 pairs.

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Ultra-Portable Printing For On-The-Go Professionals
The Pentax {pcketjet 200 ULTRA-PORTABLE printer is one of the smallest lightest and most effective full-page printing solutions you can but for your on-the-g0 printing needs. Whether you use a laptop, handheld PC or Personal Digital Assistant, the PocketJet 200 will give you sharp text, crisp graphics, and high-quality documents no matter where you are.
At barely over 10" long and 1lb in weight, the PocketJet 200 fits easily in your briefcase, computer bag, or even your jacket pocket. And with a long -life Ni-Cd battery, the PocketJet 200 lets you produce even the most complex documents in you car, on an airplane, or even while you're waiting in the lobby for your next appointment.
With an optional INFRA-RED Device Interface (IrDA, you can even print without the need for any cables or wires. Just point and print.

Laser-Sharp Text And Graphics Without The Hassle Of Ink Or Ribbons
Using advanced Pentax direct thermal printing TECHNOLOGY, the PocketJet 200 eliminates the need for messy and expensive ink, toner, or ribbons. No matter how many pages you print, you'll never run out of ink. The PocketJet 200 produces crisp, LASER-QUALITY 200-dpi text and graphics and completely eliminates the hassle of smudged prints.
Plus , with fewer moving parts than any other PORTABLE printer, the PocketJet 200 can survive in even the most torturous work environments. Inside or outside, summer or winter, you'll always be able to print on the go.

Imagine The Possibilities Of Portable Printing
With the PocketJet 200 from Pentax Technologies, you'll enjoy more freedom and mobility than you ever imagined. Only Pentax can deliver all of these exclusive portable printing Benefits:
• Lower cost-per-page
• Fast full-page portable printing...up to 3 pages-per-minute
• Compatible with Windows, EPOC32 and all Palm, Pocket PC, Blackberry OS devices
• Virtually maintenance-free mechanism with very few moving parts
• Ultra-lightweight...only 1.12 lbs including battery
• Free lifetime tech support and 1-year warranty
• No ink cartridges to replace
• Long-lifew Ni-Cd battery

Specifications: Pocket Jet 200
• Method:
• Direct thermal printing
• Resolution:
• 200 X 200 dots per inch
• Speed:
• Three pages per minute at 5% coverage
• Operating Systems Supported
• Windows 3.1, 95. 98, NT, and CE, and all Palm Pocket PC and Blackberry OS
• Fonts:
• Any supplied by application software
• Dimensions:
• Height: 1.18" (30mm)
• Width: 10.04" (255mm)
• Depth: 2.17" (55mm)
• Weight:
• 1.12 lbs (, including battery
0.89 lb without battery
• Interface
• Standard parallel interface cable with miniature 25- pin parallel connector on the printer end and appropriate host connector on the opposite end
• Optional Serial and infrared Adapteer (IrDA)
• Requires Windows® or Windows 95 operating system and the Pentax-supplied driver for Windows 3.1, 95. 98, NT, and CE
• Power Supply:
• 14.4 voltsDC: from Ni-Cd battery
• 12V DC from vehicle adapters - Charging & non-charging models available
• 14.4 V DC from AC adapter ( 115 or 230 VAC, 50 or 60 HZ)
• Power Usage:
• Operating: 106 watts maximum @ 120 volts
• Stand-By: 13 watts
• Battery Yield:
• up to 40 pages per charge (dependent on page coverage) 500 recharge cycles per battery
• Paper Sizes:
• letter: 8.50 " X 11.00" (216MM X 279mm)
• Legal: 8.50" x 14.00" (216MM X 355mm)
• A4: 210mm X 297mm (8.27" X 11.69")
• Custom 3.93" X 1.00 in minimum - 8.5" X 14" Maximum
• Cut Sheet Style:
• Roll Style: 100 -foot length roll, 8.5" wide
• Paper Types: 
• Thermal Paper
• Paper Loading:
• Manual - Single Sheet and Roll Paper
• Regulatory


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