Egyptian Silver Jewelry

Photo ISIS, Divine Mother & Goddess of Prosperity
Isis Earring SS71 Isis Ear $10.00
sis Pendant SS72 Isis Pend $17.00
Isis Pendant SS73 Isis Pend $17.00
Isis Pendant SS74 Isis Pend $19.00
Isis Neclace SS75 IsisNck $29.00
Isis Bracelet SS76 Isis Brac $54.00
Isis Pendant SS77 Isis Pend $27.00
Isis Pendant SS78 Isis Pend $19.00
Isis SS79 Isis Ear $22.00
Hathor Pendant SS710 Hathor Pend $30.00
Ankh Bracelet SS711 Ankh Brac $42.00
SS712 Ankh1 Brac $36.00
Isis Pend SS713 Isis Pend $19.00
is Adj  Ring SS714 Isis Adj Ring $15.00
Isis Ring SS715 Isis Ring $21.00
sis Earrings SS716 Isis Ear $12.00
Isis Pend-Key to Eternal Life SS717 Isis Pend-Key to Eternal Life $17.00
Ankh ring SS718 Ankh Ring $13.00
Ankh adjustable ring SS720 Ankh Adj Ring $22.00
Ankh ring SS721 Ankh Ring $20.00
Ankh Pendant SS723 Ankh Pend $25.00
Ankh Pendant SS724 Ankh Pend $19.00
Ankh Pendant SS725 Ankh Pend $17.00
Ankh Pendant SS726 Ankh Pend $20.00
Ankh Pendant SS727 Ankh Pend $22.00
Ankh Pendant SS728 Ankh Pend $19.00
Ankh Pendant SS729 Ankh Pend $17.00
Ankh Pendant SS730 Ankh Pend $17.00
Ankh Earrings SS731 Ankh Ear $25.00
Ankh Earrings SS732 Ankh Ear $10.00
Ankh Earrings SS733 Ankh Ear $12.00
Ankh Earrings SS734 Ankh Ear $22.00
Ankh  Pendant SS735 Ankh Pend $19.00
Pyramid Pendant SS736 Pyramid Pend $25.00
Pyramid Pendant SS737 Pyramid Pend $17.00
See photo below SS738 Ankh Brac $19.00
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