Miscellaneous Egyptian Gifts

Eye of Horus Wall Hanging

For Protection.

To watch over You.

6.5 Inch

Horuswall 1


Luxurious Scarf

Luxurious Scarf

Soft and elegant

  • Worn around the neck by Egyptian Men
  • A wonderfully soft Shawl for Women
  • Can also be used as a Table Cloth

38" X 80"   Camscarf - B, C. & D   $36
Other colors available

Brown Key Chain Brown Key Chains
$5 each
Specify number
Min,Sex God<BR>Key Chains Min,Sex God
Key Chains

MinKey $10 each
Min,Sex God Min,Sex God

Min Stat $12 each
Aladdin's  Lamp Aladdin's Lamp
Hand Blown Glass Perfume Bottle
6" high X 8" wide
LAMPBOT    $24
Aladdin's  Lamp Aladdin's Lamp
Christmas Ornament
2 1/2" high X 4" wide
LAMPORN  3 for   $36
Hieroglyphic Alphabet Poster  Hieroglyphic Alphabet Poster

13" X 18" $9
  Blank Papyrus in stock for your artistic endeavors

9" X 13" $36 per dozen

13" X 17" $48 per dozen
Papyrus template and bookmark Papyrus template and bookmark
Write your name in Hieroglyphics
 God & Goddess Booklet BKLT1 God & Goddess Booklet $14
good reference pictures & cartouches of over 100 gods & goddesses, from Egypt THIS BOOKLET FREE WITH $100 ORDER
ouse Pads Mouse Pads $10 each
Plastic Key Chains"> Plastic Key Chains
$4 each
Red Felt Fez Red Felt Fez
Available in Black
$14 each
Hand Blown Glass Drink Stirrer

(Left to right)

Elephant, Teapot, Camel, and Teady Bear

$24.00 set of six

 Perfume Bottles hand blown in Egypt Assorted
Colors & Designs Perfume Bottles
hand blown in Egypt
Assorted Colors & Designs
11"   $24 
9" $ 18
6" $12
4" $6
#31 set of three Elephant Perfume bottles


#27 Turtle Perfume bottles

$15 each

 Refrigerator Magnets, Assorted  Designs Refrigerator Magnets
Assorted Designs

Anubis Candle Holder Anubis Candle Holder
(Candle Not included)

Take Apart Mummy Cases Take Apart Mummy Cases
$12 ea
Mummy Cases Empty Tin  Case for pens Mummy Cases
Empty Tin Case for pens
Anubis Kneeling - Beverage Holder
Wooden Horse
Hand Carved 14 Inches
Votive Candle
3x3 inches
Hand Blown Glass

$18 each
set of two for $33
set of six for $89

Papyrus Lamp Shade Papyrus Lamp Shade

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