Papyrus: Egyptian Decor for Home or Office a stunning addition to any room

The LP Series

Hand Painted in Egypt. You will be proud to display in your office or home. Scribes and Scholars recorded history on the papyrus scrolls made from a water plant that grows in the Nile River. Approximately 10" X 30" they make a unique contribution to youe home. $24 each or 3 for $60.

Annubis The Jackal God  Bast, Cat Goddess< Hathor Sekhmet
LP-5 Annubis The Jackal God LP-14 Bast, Cat Goddess LP-13 Hathor LP-11 Sekhmet

Ceremony To The Gods
LP-10 Ceremony To The Gods LP-12 Thoth

Gods and Goddesses Judgement Scene
LP-3 Gods and Goddesses In A Boat LP-4 Judgement Scene (Also Availabl;e in 24" X 48" for $160)

 King Tut & Nefertiti Lady Making Offering To Osiris
LP-6 King Tut & Nefertiti LP-8 Lady Making Offering To Osiris

Maat Maat, Sister of Isis
LP-7 Maat, Sister of Isis LP-2 The Goddess Maat and Isis, "Divine Mother"

usic &; Dancing phthys and Isis,
LP 9 Music & Dancing LP-1 Nephthys and Isis,"Divine Mother" ( also available 24" X 48" for $160

King Tut, Queen Nefertiti
LP-6 King Tut, Queen Nefertiti

Our Exclusive Gold Resin Frame measures 19" X 23" with double mat
a fabulous price for this quality

FRPA1 19" X 23" - $139 each frame $99 each for 2 or more framed
FRPA4 27" X 35" - $279 each framed $250 each for 2
Call for available designs

PA1 13 "X 17" $15 ea,$12/3 or more UNFRAMED
PA2 9" X 13" $12 ea,$10/3 or more UNFRAMED
Most of above designs available + additional designs
PA 3 $40 each or 2 /$60 16" X 24" UNFRAMED
Designs Available : P4, P5, P7, P8, P11, P19, P21, P23, P25, P26, P27, P28,P29,P30

GP   $190

Stunning and impressive GIANT PAPYRUS, handmade paper,
handpainted in Egypt to decorate your home, office, store
6 ft. 2-3ft          Judgement Day      Winged ISIS

 ISIS, Divine Mother, the great and Beneficient goddess P1: ISIS, Divine Mother, the great and Beneficient goddess
Did you know ... ISIS, the personification of feminine creative power, symbolized birth, growth, development, and vigor. Of all their deities, Egyptians honored and worshipped ISIS the most.
MAAT, Goddess of Truth, kneeling before ISIS on throne< P4: MAAT, Goddess of Truth, kneeling before ISIS on throne
 BAST, Cat Goddess P6: BAST, Cat Goddess

These and many other designs are also available un-framed.

Merchandise displayed

Merchandise displayed

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