More Stautes - Distinctive Reproductions: Isis,King Tutankhamun,Ushtabi,Sphinx.Min, Ancient Egyptian Sex God,Anubis, the jackal god,Queen Nefertiti

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Isis, Divine Mother was the great and beneficent goddess StatH6 $38

ISIS w Crown

Isis, Divine Mother was the great and beneficent goddess. She was the personification of great feminine creative power.Her wings are to watch over you and protect you. She symbolized birth, growth, development and vigor. Egyptians honored and worshiped her most. GODDESS OF PROSPERITY

King Tut - ruled when he was 9 years old Stat H46 $22

King Tut - ruled when he was 9 years old

King Tutankhamun was a boy king who died at 18. His death mask of solid gold and his opulent tomb have been a treasure trove of information for Egyptologists. In death, King Tut became one withthe ruling god and traveled to the place of the gods to obtain blessings for his people 1350 B.C.

>Ushabti or Shawabti Stat H51 $40

Ushtabi - servant in afterlife

8 Inch

Ushabti or Shawabti are carved figures buried with the tomb to become the servants in the next life. Tombs often had 400 ushtabi.

Sphinx Stat H52 $72


The Sphinx watches over the pyramids. He is believed to be the Pharaoh Chephren and the body of a lion which signified strength and domination.

Scribe Stat H64 $40


Learning was valued in Egypt. Educated people could become a Scribe. All the offices of the state were open to him, and he was widely respected.

Stat H64B $72 Jumbo Scribe larger
THOUERIS goddess of fertility and safe childbirth Stat H72 $48

Taweret,safe childbirth

7 1/2 Inch

THOUERIS goddess of fertility and safe childbirth is a pregnant hippopotamus standing on the hind legs of a lion and with the tail of a crocodile. She rests her hand on a rolled papyrus forming the protection symbol.

ES dwarf god with mask Stat H75 $72


7 Inch

BES dwarf god with mask-like face and a lions mane was to protect the home, young children and pregnant women.

Isis/Hathor Stat H92 $56


HATHOR was goddess of music, dance and beauty. Her sacred animal was the cow. She is shown with cow ears or a solar disk and cow horns on her head.

Queen Hatshepsut - ruled 20 yrs Stat H93 $22

Queen Hatshepsut - ruled 20 yrs

Queen Hatshepsut... at one point she dressed and bearded herself like a king. She was considered both a goddess, king and queen and wore the double crown of Lower and Upper Egypt. She erected many obelisks. 18th Dynasty

Queen Nefertiti Stat H95 $16

Queen Nefertiti

Queen Nefertiti, wife of Pharaoh Akhenaton, was thought to be the most beautiful woman in the world. 1365 B.C

nubis, the jackal god Stat H97 $28

Anubis - 4 1/4 Inch

Anubis, the jackal god, was associated with magic and was the divine embalmer. He was a faithful guardian of tombs and god of the dead. He helped people attain the goal of eternal life. 1100 B.C.

Hand made basalt candle holder></TD>
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							Hand made basalt candle holder with the hieroglyphs of Ancient Egypt. Made in Egypt.</BLOCKQUOTE></TD></TR>

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