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Custom Diplomas and Certificates

We can create diplomas and certificates for you or sell you paper to print your own.


I am in the business of making diplomas for an organization to issue. My client is the issuing organization. If you have lost or damaged your University Degree please contact them to obtain a replacement.

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Pricing and Order Certificates
Services Options in Ordering Diplomas Repairing Damaged Diplomas:

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TCS Certificates

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Ribbons For Certificates

Foil Certificates


Blank Foil Seals For Embossers

Stock Pre-embossed Foil Seals

Laser Printable Foil Seals

Custom Pre-embossed Foil Seals

PD' Line

Blank MicroPerfed Paper

(These items are special ordered and are not returnable)

Laser & InkJet

Dot Matric (Pin Fed)

Padded Folders, Frames and Mounts

Lapel Pins

Award Lapel Pins

Ask about pin case, coin cases, etc



Prices of Finished Certificates

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We can provide the following services:

  1. We can design and print a finished diploma with the names filled in. We can scan in a signature and place it on the certificate. It can be done in a dark blue toner that makes it look like it was signed with a pen.
  2. We can provide certificate with the date and name blank so that you can fill it in as needed
  3. We can provide camera ready copy and paper any you can have an offset printer print the finished certificates locally
  4. We can provide the design on Diskette or Zip cartridge in PageMaker 6.0( Macintosh version) You can print on your computer and fill in the names as needed
  5. We can provide blank paper only any you create and print the certificate.

Scrip-Safe® Paper papers now offer protection against document alteration.

Signatures can be scanned in and signed with a dark blue cartridge giving the appearance of being signed by a fountain pen.

If you want other fonts you can have us order a font and add it to your bill. Look at these fonts and advise us which we ned to order on your behalf. ( we use MacIntosh Postscript fonts.)

Our prices are:

Send check payable to "JFB Desktop Publishing" to 11550 S. Harlan Rd #30, Lathrop, Ca 95330. Allow up to 4-6 weeks for delivery for factory orders. Most orders are shipped in a day or two)

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