Generic Security Paper

Protect your documents against alteration

Security Paper

These papers now offer businesses and schools protection against document alteration.

Thees papers are generic and are not unique tto each customer.

Beware Security Paper

BEWARE is the newest generation of anti-copy anti-scan protection featuring AuthentiGuard, a patented digital pantograph hidden-message technology. Words such as "Void" or "Unauthorized Copy" appear across the document once it is copied, scanned, faxed, or examined under a viewer/verifier. This is the world's only safety paper that is 99% effective with all of today's digital copiers and scanners.

Description ( 8.5 X 11 In 24 lb ) 250 Sheets


Case 10 packs of 250 each


Gray Color Hidden Message is "COPY" 534350 125205
Green Color Hidden Message is "VOID" 531399 125355
Teal Color Hidden Message is "Unauthorized Copy" 534357 125255

Kan't Kopy Security Paper

Security is in great demand. Protecting your documents from unauthorized copying is vital. Kan’t Kopy Security Paper offers counterfeit-resistant printing to secure your originals. With its high-performance anti-counterfeiting technology Kan’t Kopy products protect your documents. Kan’t Kopy provides multiple security features to guarantee the safety of your documents if they are copied. Kan’t Kopy Security Paper is ideal for original manuscripts, coupons, reports, checks, prescriptions, legal documents, contests, stock certificates, direct mail, award certificates, gift certificates, simple contracts, standard business agreements, confidential reports, transcripts, sales records, medical records, ledger sheets and other security-sensitive applications.

In Warehouse

Description ( 8.5 X 11 In60 lb )9% tint With Hidden Word Code
Blue Pattern 250 sheets 99821A
Green Pattern 250 sheets 99821B
Red Pattern 250 sheets 99821C
65 Blue Pattern 250 sheets 99821D
3 up Security Checks 99822A
2 Part Security Paper 99823A

Factory Orders

K1 One-Sided Security Paper, 8.5" x 11", Quantity: 250
  60 Lb. Offset Void

Blue, Red, Green, or Gray

GSM 89
Item # KK12A1V
60 Lb. Offset Rx Invalid

Blue, or Gray

GSM 89
Item # KK12A1X
65 Lb. Kan't Kopy Cover

Void Blue

GSM 174
Item # KK62A1V
K2 One-Sided Security Paper, 8.5" x 11", Quantity: 250
60 Lb. Offset K2 Void


GSM 89
Item # KK22A1V
60 Lb. Offset K2 Rx Invalid

Blue, or Gray

GSM 89
Item # KK22A1X

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