Stock Papers

The blue bordered sample is a paper we keep in stock. We order in other papers as needed.

Submitting Artwork

  1. 8 1/2 X 11 sheet showing a sketch of the desired certificate. Text must remain inside the bordered area. Specify the paper to be used.
  2. A typed sheet with the exact text ( This will eliminate any problem reading handwriting)
  3. 8 1/2 x 11 sheet with any logos or graphics that need to be reproduced ( I can accept 3.5 inch diskettes, or Zip disks. Macintosh format is preferred, but I can convert from PC) Logos and graphics must fit on a lettersize sheet and it is preferred that the graphic be 2 times the size the finished graphic will appear.
  4. If you need graphics that you don't have, I have over 250,000 stock illustrations and 200,000 photos for reproduction. Describe your need and I will look
  5. A fax number for proofing. We will fax plain paper prints. When you are satisfied with the design I will mail a final proof on certificate stock.
  6. All artwork is to be mailed in a flat envelope. Do not fold artwork as any folds will degrade the image. I recommend a priority mail flat. The background image can be computer printed in Black red or blue.

Our prices are:

For over sized prints:

Laser printers can print up to 11 x 17 easily. Beyond that we need to creadt a document and save it as a pdf. That can be printed on a plotter. For example, based on a 15 X 30, the print charge would be $25 black and white per print and $50.00 in color. ( pricing is based on actual size). If it is color they will have to use their own paper. If it is Black and white they may be able to use a parent sheet (23x35) of Astoparche text (White or Natural). I can not guarantee it will work with the the parchment and you would need to purchase several parent sheets to try. The parent sheets will cost you $2.00 each and we should get about 5 to be sure . We may need to try more than once. If we need to cut to finished size first the Paper supplier charges $25.00 to cut to size. The service bureau charges only $5.00 to cut.

Add $7.50 shipping. California Residents add sales tax.

Send check payable to "JFB Desktop Publishing" to 11550 S. Harlan Rd, Lathrop, CA 95330. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery

General Order Form

I have added a mailing list to my mall and my main site. The list will not be sold to anyone. It will be use to advise my clients of sales and special promotions. Mailing List

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