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New XT keyboards

Cherry XT Keyboard G81-1854 General Purpose Keyboard


The DataCal XT Compatible keyboards are NEW keyboards. They are NOT remanufactured,  refurbished, or used keyboards.

Standard Features   Compact, 104 Keys (Microsoft Windows), IBM compatible keyboard for PC and XT systems.
Keyswitch Technology FTSC Full Travel Sealed contacts with membrane contacts
Colors Light Grey
Dimensions L x W x H = 15.9" x 7.08" x 1.45"
Keys 104 Key Windows Compatible Laser Printed - Light Grey Key action (linear feel)
Interface AT
Reliability Greater than 20,000 hours

Available Part Numbers * G81-1854LAMUS-0 - 104 Keys, Beige, AT

  XT Compatible keyboards have a PC/AT switch on the underside of the keyboard. If the keyboard does not have this switch, then it is not a true XT Compatible keyboard.
For DataCal XT Compatible keyboards, make sure the switch is set to AT.

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