Dirt/Dust/Liquids/Contaminants .... can ruin a computer keyboard in seconds. Work stops cold, repairs and down time are expensive. Viziflex Seels stop trouble in its tracks! Not just a dust cover, Viziflex Seels actually protect keyboards while you type. Easy to use and install; they "fit like a glove". Proven in thousands of offices, factories, hospitals, service stations, restaurants wherever computers and data input devices are used.

Viziflex Seels are made of a strong, durable, incredibly flexible matte finish polyurethane material. Molded to fit precisely over the keyboard, they provide reliable protection 24 hrs. / day without interfering with the operation in anyway Non-glare matte finish leaves all keyboard markings clearly visible. Thousands of configurations available to fit most models.

If we don't have your specific keyboard model listed, we can custom mold our seels to your exact specifications.


For a nominal cost, you can add reliable FULL-TIME protection to:

  • Point-Of-Sale Devices / Equipment
  • Digital Counters
  • Credit Card Authorization Terminals
  • Robotic Controllers
  • Hand Held Computers
  • Medical Equipment
  • Industrial/ Manufacturing applications

Only $14.95 plus shipping

Quantiy Discounts available for more than 10 pieces.

$12.00 each over 10 , $10 each over 50

Use this form to inquire about a skin for your model of keyboard.

Large Print High Contrast Covers
Catalog No. LPKS

Protect your keyboard from dust, dirt and liquid spills while enlarging the key legend by 400%

Provide clearer and sharper vision while protecting your keyboard 24 hours a day.

Large Print Keyboard Covers form fit to the exact contour of your keyboard and are secured with double-sided adhesive.

Available with a matching Windows Ps2 Keyboard.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are purchasing the seel with the keyboard, then enter 0 in the fields below

Final price will be updated after you choose your model.

Available Models:

- Black on White - LPKS-BW $18.95

- Black on White - LPKSK-BW $21.95 with PS/2 keyboard

- Black on Yellow - LPKS-BY $18.95

- Black on Yellow - LPKSK-BY $21.95 with PS/2 keyboard

- White on Black - LPKS-WB $18.95

- White on Black - LPKSK-WB $21.95 with PS/2 keyboard

When ordering a cover only specify the make/ manufacturer , Model #, and # of keys.

Large Print Keyboard/Laptop Labels
Catalog No. KTS

Price Chart::

1-4:  $14.95 ea.
5 or more:  $12.95 ea.
  • Large Print labels adhere to key tops
  • Easy to use and easy to install
  • Specifically designs for laptops and desktop keyboards.
  • Available in 3 bright easy to read color combinations:
    • Black on yellow,
    • Black on white, or
    • White on black

Hospital Use

Disposable Keyboard Skins
Catalog No. UK01

Price Chart::

1-4:  $4.95 ea.
5 or more:  $3.95 ea.
  • Disposable Keyboard Skins
  • Standard Keyboard
  • Laptop 12",14",17"
Anti Microbial Keyboard Covers
Catalog No. VSAM01Price Chart:

1-4:  $19.95 ea.
5 or more:  $16.95 ea.
  • Viziflex seels has now incorporated Biosafe® anti-microbial coating to its keyboard cover product.
  • Viziflex Seels is the only company to offer anti-microbial protection on keyboard covers
  • The Biosafe® polymer resin helps provide protection against microbes and bacteria on the surface of the keyboard cover
  • The Biosafe® coating inhibits the microbes ability to reproduce and spread.
  • The coated (Biosafe®) Viziflex Seel will provide the same flexibility, clarity and strength as our standard product.

  • Testing was done by Anti Microbial Test Laboratories.
    Click here for test summary.


Keyboard Germs
Researches found the following facts about keyboard bacteria:
  • The keyboard contains about 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat.
  • 95,600 Bacteria Per Square Inch on Computer Keyboards.
  • Mice held an average of 10,600 bacteria per square inch.
  • Infected people can leave viruses on keyboards when they touch them and the viruses can survive there for days.

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